Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are You There God? It's Me Isaac!

We had a very busy weekend...tons of visitors, all to see me become the newest member of the Catholic church. It was my Baptism! I was very well behaved in Church, I slept the whole time, and only wiggled a little bit at the first pouring of the holy water.

Me, Mommy, and Daddy

My Cute Tiny Feet

The Baptism Ceremony (or as Uncle Brock calls it my "Dip in the Pool")

The following pictures are just some of the nuts (and monkeys) that hang on my family tree:

Great Aunt Shelley, Great Aunt Patti, Great Grandpa Sawyer, Great Aunt Cathy, and Grandma Mueller

Uncle Brock, Addy, Uncle Tyler, Grandpa and Grandma Mueller, Great Grandpa Sawyer, Auntie Teresa and Avery

Great-Great Aunt Karen and Great-Great Uncle Chuck
Aunt Kathy, Uncle Fran, Grandma Tomczuk, Uncle Jim and Aunt Barb

Yummy Cheesecake in Honor of Me - See what you missed!

The rest of these pictures will tell you a little bit about what I've been up to lately. As promised, I included some of me smiling, which I'm getting really good at!

I found my hand to chew on when Mommy doesn't feed me fast enough!

See my dimple?

Great Big Smile!

Lunch with the Bradley ladies!

Mommy and I met up with all the ladies from her and Daddy's childbirth class, and all of my future friends. Out of eight couples, we have 5 boys, 2 girls, and are still waiting for 1. We all behaved beautifully and were not asked to leave the restaurant or forbidden to come back!

Daddy's Favorite - Nap Time - Are you starting to see what Daddy's routine is all about?

They have it so easy - I'm even holding my own bottle!

Uncle Brock gave me a new nickname, The Hurricane. Bob Dylan was nice enough to write me a theme song...how did he know way back in 1976 that I would need a theme song?

I'm starting to coo a little bit, and giving everyone lots of big smiles. Daddy also gave me his nasty cold, so I'm a little under the weather. I have to rest up for another big weekend, Mommy and I are going up north!
Thanks for keeping tabs on me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Watch Out World, Here I Am!!!

I made my way out of the comfy confines of mommy's belly on August 6th, 2008. I weighed in at 7lbs 6oz and 20 inches long. Here we are six weeks later and I'm now two full pounds over my birth weight. Mommy calls me oinker...
Some of my recent milestones include: smiling at people on purpose, not just in my sleep or when I'm gassy; sleeping between six to seven hours at a stretch at night and going right back to sleep after I fill my tank (this happened two nights in a row, mommy says I shouldn't jinx it by bragging about it).

Rather than bore you with all of the details of my brief yet wonderful days, I will dazzle you with my absolute cuteness! I'm not being modest and calling myself cute, I hear it all day long..."Isn't he cute?" "I love him so much!" "He's so adorable!" Seriously...all day long.

Brand New

Me and My Big Sister Cass

Cousin Sophia Feeding Me

Sweet Sleepy Baby

Cute Butt Shot

Daddy's Favorite - Nap Time

With My Cousins Addy and Avery
Mommy and I took a road trip over Labor Day weekend to visit Uncle Brock, Auntie Teresa, Addy and Avery. Addy wanted to know why I have such a big "bottom". All we could tell her is that's how God makes boys. Avery couldn't exactly say my name....so I guess I will inevitably have the nickname Ike. Isn't cool that I already have a hurricane named after me?

Mr. Jungle Safari Man

Me, Mommy, and My Middle Namesake Great Grandpa Sawyer

Me and Grandpa

More Cousins! Henry, Brennan and Lauren

Auntie Cynde and Cousin Brady

Game Day!

Crazy Uncle Matt and Henry Showing Off Their Muscles

I'll keep you posted on my developments, and as I get more handsome (if that's even possible) :)
P.S. Sorry if you haven't made the blog, mommy promises to be more diligent with the camera.