Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We've Got a Lot of Catching Up To Do!

Here is a quick photo journey through the past few months. They are in no particular order, in fact I think they might be backwards. This should take us through the end of March, so I won't be too far behind anymore, and I promise I will really really try hard to update again soon!

Crashed at the end of our Puerto Rico trip

Walking with Mommy and watching the kites

Cool, look at all those kites!

Family photo on the beach

Having fun playing in the sand!

Boys club

Hey Mom look at me (with my sunglasses upside down)!


I was so tired I fell asleep on a hike to the waterfall. Poor Daddy was carrying me, and I totally missed the waterfall!

Baby Yoga?

Me and my best friend Diego!

Let me give you a big smooch!

Ooh, Mommy, won't it be fun if I rub sand all over your back?

Burying my legs in sand

Heeelllllloooo down there

Me and Miss Frenchie:)

After a long day at the beach

Me and Mr. Nando

Chillin' with my bud on the beach

Our annual trip to Iowa

Henry swimming

Sophia floating around


Me and Daddy after a swim

Kissing Cousins!

Me and Auntie Cynde

My idea of helping Mommy pack my bags for a 5 day stay in Door County

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Get together with my peeps from the childbirth class

Day at Discovery World with Mommy,Auntie Brenda, Auntie Cynde, Sophia and the Santiagos

Sophia, I'm a big boy now, a little too heavy for you!

Look, it's Isaac!

I love Sophia!


I don't know what this is, but I think I'll pull on it.

Awesome fish tank!

They even had a pool for splashing and touching fish!

Sophia was a big scaredy cat, such a girl!

Trip to Chicago to the Shedd Aquarium

Me and Mommy's college friend Kristina

Me and Mommy being silly!

Listening to Daddy's Ipod

My very cool ball pit that Mommy got a great deal on!

I can say the word "bra" so Mommy handed it to me and I paraded around the house with it around my neck:)

Lunch w/Diego

My other friend Diego!

Snuggling with Daddy in the morning

My first time bowling at Henry and Sophia's 5th birthday party!

Diego's Birthday Party!

Happy Valentine's Day! Me and my obnoxiously large bear from Auntie Barb and Uncle Jim. We sent that right back to their house for safekeeping!
Discovering Mr. Potato Head's parts and trying to be a comedian!

I come up with some crazy ideas sometimes!

Mommy put me down for a nap with pants on, and found me like this when I woke up!

Finally, here are some videos....oldies but goodies.