Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summer!

We've had a busy June and are heading into an even busier July. I've been exploring, crawling everywhere like a little madman, and cruising on furniture like it's my job! I'm even getting brave enough to let go, turn around and grab (more like fall) onto another piece of furniture. One day, I freaked myself out when I discovered that I was standing unassisted - no mommy, no daddy, no furniture, no nothing! I've either been going through a growth spurt or I eat like a little piggy. Two people came up to our table at Father's Day brunch and commented: "He's going to pass you up pretty soon" (to my dad) and "Boy, that little one can really put it away!" The nerve! I'm getting goofy too, to prove it, I'll start this one off with a video.

And here's what else I've been up to:

Celebrating Mommy's birthday with the ladies, here I am with Kathleen and Lynn

Here's to you Mommy!

Cheering on the Brew Crew!

I realize you'd like me to take my hand away from mouth, but I'm not doing it!

Hmmm, are these weeds edible?

Two new things at once, stairs, and chasing Willy, what to do, what to do...

Oooooh, pretty flowers!

What, I'm just looking?

Meeting my Uncle Tom!

Helllooooo, stop chatting and read me a book, please!

Showing Auntie Cheryl what a flirt I am, that's right buddy, watch and learn

No Daddy, I can't pick up my toys, I'm helping Ben (he's Uncle T-Bone's friend)

Carrots anyone?

Me and my Bam Bam bat

This would be the goofy I was referring to

Uh-oh, my feminine side is being exposed, yikes!

This was my first run through the car wash, I didn't know what to think!

Shopping for flowers with Mommy!

Power washing the deck with Daddy, aren't there child labor laws?

Father's Day Brunch, excuse me more food please!

Celebrating with the Santiago's!

Happy Father's Day to the World's Greatest Daddy!
The Boys
Giving Diego knuckles, he knew what he was doing!
We sent the Dad's golfing and went to the zoo. Me looking at the fish...
Eating dinner with Diego, and yes that's a piece of ham stuck on my forehead!
Next on the agenda: a potential trip to Minnesota, camping, more camping and somebody's 1st birthday party!!! Happy 4th of July and Happy Summer:)