Friday, November 13, 2009


I had a very fun halloween. We went to the zoo, where I got all kinds of oohs and aahs on my costume. I think the animals may have even been interested in me! Then we came home and I read a few stories to Cass. Later that night I went to party with my one year old friends (sorry we forgot the camera), and we went trick or treating. Actually, some of them went trick or treating, I thought it was more fun to run back and forth on the sidewalk, so I never really made it anywhere. I am sad to say that Henry and Sophia were sick, so we did not get to play together, oh well, maybe next year.


What's in there?

It was cold at the zoo....I needed several layers!

Peek a boo, Mommy!

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving...I have been working on saying gobble, gobble. It sounds more like gobba gobba. I am also told there will be a sweet surprise next week - a tree with lights and sparkly things, in the house, that I can walk up to and touch. Now that sounds fun! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!