Friday, February 5, 2010

Back by Popular Demand...

Hi Everyone:) This time of year is always busy for Mommy, so we are a little bit behind on our blogging. Forgive me for one big post, but I've got a couple of months to cover.

Chips, dip, and beer...perfect snack for the Packer game!

Watching the Christmas parade with my friend Diego and his cousin Isabella

Love you too mommy, but I've got a parade to watch!

Nice and my cousin Noah

Tryptophan sets in, ready to snooze with Grandpa

Looking adorable in my turkey jammies and Elmo slippers

No way Daddy, that tree is too big!

We found the perfect tree this year...must have been my help!

Come on Grandpa, we're ready to take our tree home.
Tired and cranky after tree shopping:(

Come on Mommy, lets string these lights...walking around in circles is fun!

Playing with the Christmas lights

The tree is so pretty Mommy!

Drinking out of a big boy cup

Uh oh, water everywhere

So proud of myself!

Checking my stocking from St. Nick

I like to put hats on all by myself

Opening Christmas presents!

Family picture on Christmas Eve

Driving Auntie Barb and Uncle Jim's boat

Me and my cousin Brady

Sophia, Me, Brady and Henry

All my Christmas presents...I have a little growing to do by the summer, so I can ride my tricycle!

Ummm, guys, the hats a little too big!

I'm getting the hang of this, I like to make noise!

Why isn't this one working?

Me and all my friends!

After all of the holiday festivities ended, I started a music class at the Conservatory. I was really more interested in watching the other kids, and acted very shy, which is unlike me. I have started talking a lot...and repeating things, so Mommy and Daddy have to be very careful about what they say! I'll try to post again soon...there are still some photos in line for editing, and some pretty cute videos for uploading:)