Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted!

Ok, so I'm not a Go Go's fan, that's all Mommy, but our vacation in Florida was great!! We had a relaxing week, I was a champ on both flights. I played peek-a-boo with the ladies sitting behind me, as you can imagine, they thought I was adorable. Just doing my best to uphold the title of World's Cutest Baby:) Enjoy the photos!

Wild and crazy hair in the humidity

Kicking around in the pool

Lounging poolside, waiting for my drink

So excited to be out of sub-zero temps!

Protecting the noggin from the sun

Playing with my new shovel

This looks like the commercial...paradise

I ate sooooo much sand, and wasn't phased one bit.

Snoozing on the beach with Daddy

We met Daddy's cousin TJ and his wife Brenda and cruised around on their boat, I even got to drive the boat!

I fell asleep, being a captain is exhausting!

I woke up really happy...

...and they taught me how to fish

I am too cute

I'm getting into all kinds of mischief these days.

Heading to the beach

I wasn't to happy about being in the ocean, it was too cold.

I loved being in the sand!

My new favorite thing, I love to stand!

On the beach with Daddy

Yummy Margaritas!

Going out for a stroll

Happy to be playing in the pool

Floating in the shade under my canopy

Out on the town for dinner

"Let's see what else I can do to wrap them around my little finger!"

Who are these handsome devils?

Trying to stay entertained while Mommy and Daddy get through dinner

Daddy gave me a bite of ice cream, yummy!

Our cute family!
Cool dude in Daddy's hat
Walking to the beach to watch the sunset
Last night of vacation

Giving Mommy kisses

Watching the beautiful sunset over the Gulf

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring is Almost Here, and I've Been Busy

Here's a quick update on my eighth month!

I'm a Little Ham

Looking Dapper in my Church Clothes

Laughing for the Camera

Testing out the Shades for Vacation (we leave for Florida tomorrow!)

Daddy took Cass outside and came back to find me here

Mommy was saying something very interesting

First bath all by myself in the BIG tub!

Bedtime with Daddy

The coffee table is my favorite thing to crawl on:
Side View

Front View

Back View

Ready for my Walk to the Park

I loved my first time in the swing!

Reading a Book in my Bedroom

Cass lets me harass her daily

Ready for Opening Day! What do you mean we're going to Algoma and not Miller Park?

Hugging my Cousin Sophia

Oh, there's the camera, I better make a goofy face

Flying Baby, my favorite game!

Eating Auntie Brenda's Face

Happy Easter!

"Finding" my Easter Basket

Ooohhh, books, puzzles....

...and a truck, woohoo!

Prepare yourselves, my adoring fans, pictures from Florida will be next. Imagine moi in the ocean, flashing my abs (or my chubby baby belly), getting a tan (yeah right, with SPF 1000?) and sporting my cabana wear (that is true, they've got some stylin' clothes for me)!