Monday, September 27, 2010

So Many Photos, So Little Time

Here is a quick rundown on what's been going on!

Spent a week up in Door County at Aunt Cindy's house

We forgot my stroller, thank God she still had Nicole and Natasha's sweet ride!

Daddy and the Babies

Grandma Tomczuk visits!

This is how I roll when we play outside!

Jacob hanging out with us! Happy as a clam my a$%!

Mommy feeds her babies....and I feed my baby.

Watching cartoons with Jacob

Jacob just rolled 7 weeks, are you kidding me?

I have graduated to a big boy bed, and I am very happy about it!

Anna hugs a giraffe

Jacob Smiles

Sleepy Jacob

Aunt Cathy Visits

Sweet Anna watching very intently

Very Smiley Jacob

Anna wondering what mom is doing with the camera in her face again!

Jacob finds himself in the mirror

Anna likes to eat Jacob's head

Smiley Anna

They like to snuggle:)


I had to get in the picture too!

The babies are 2 months old
This is what I wear to watch cartoons!

I learned how to ride my tricycle, and I like to do it EVERYDAY!

Time out for snacks with Cass

"Hold it, Mommy" - it being Jacob

"Isaac feed babies"


Awwww, sweet Anna
Aunt Karen cuddles Anna

Addy reading me one of my favorites...Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Me and Avery, I love her, she lives in Eowa

I kiss you, Addy!

Grandpa Great, Alex, Uncle Brock, and "Grandpa Ikey" (He calls me Ikey, so I call him Grandpa Ikey)

Throwing balls for Truman
"Ride Cow"

"Peekaboo Cow"

Alex, Anna and Jacob's Baptism

Watch and learn little man

My cousins Henry, Sophia and Addy
Daddy has his hands full!
Oooh, camera, must paste on cheesy smile.
Notice I hold "it" by sliding my hands under her back...Nicole thinks I'm silly

Trip to the zoo...these bears were fun to watch!

I had just as much fun at the zoo running through the sprinkler!

Jacob's take on the zoo

Not sure if Anna saw one animal at the zoo

Hi Mommy Lion!

Family photo at the zoo playground

I played while the babies ate, that was so much fun!

I don't go far without my helmet, I even wear it on stroller rides!

Helping Daddy study for the PCAT

This was when they slept....

Jacob chews on Anna

Sophia and Jacob

Jacob hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's

I did this all on my own, not staged or encouraged in any way whatsoever.

Following Grandpa

Mommy and her boys:)

...and here's the cheesy smile again

Sleepy again

We've been just a tad busy and somewhat sleep deprived, ok not me, but Mommy and Daddy - so forgive me if the next few posts are just a run of pictures. I know all you care about is my cuteness anyway:)

Here is a very funny video, that I'm sure will be shown again someday when I am older and I will be mortified!