Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tribute to Great Grandpa George

We lost my Great Grandpa Sawyer a couple of weeks ago. If you didn't already know that's where my middle name George came from! Mommy tells me he prayed very hard for me; before I existed, while I was in her tummy, and after I was born. When Mommy and Daddy were trying so hard to have me, Grandpa Sawyer was a rock for Mommy. He helped her find the strength to get through that difficult time. Now Mommy tells me that Grandma and Grandpa Sawyer are our guardian angels.

Grandpa was a wonderful man and we are going to miss him very much, so I thought I would dedicate one of my blog posts to him. I can hear him saying...."what in the devil is a blog"?

Here are some pictures of he and I:

Mommy had the good sense to sit down with Grandpa one day and videotape him telling stories. I'll share one of them with you...this feller had a sense of humor!

I love you Grandpa!

Bradley Babies Whoop It Up Again!

We had all of our friends from Mommy and Daddy's childbirth class over for brunch. I shared all of my toys...the chime garden, ball popper, and Elmo were a big hit!

Playing together

Megan and Finley


Colin and I - not sure if this was an attempt at giving kisses or biting!

We were all intrigued by Elmo, and so was Finley's daddy Derek

Our regular couch lineup, Colin, Finley, Garrett, Me, and Addison - we missed Abyan and Evie:(

I usually have Abyan next to me, so I took advantage of his absence and made the moves on Addison!

Odds and Ends

While Mom's been slacking at blogging, she and Daddy haven't missed a beat with the camera! Here's what I've been up to the past few months:

I Found my Penis

Snuggling with Mommy

Eating Elmo

Hanging out with my babysitter, Genevieve (hope I spelled that right!)

Cass, my new pillow!

Diego turned 1!

Pestering Diego, grabbing faces is my new thing.

Practicing my hoops

How cute am I?

Mangoes were the food of choice for the week, and I loved them...

...the ones that made it in my mouth!

Trying on my new hat, we're planning a vacation!

Valentine's Day, I was a little "Love Monster" with my cousin Nicole

Me and Auntie Barb

My Visitors...Tim, Sue and Nicole

Starting to practice with a spoon

Hmmm, there's a baby looking at me

I had a cold, with big sticky boogers, and then I rolled over. Guess our floor needed vacuuming!

I Love Baths:)

Me and Mommy - check out my wavy hair!

Swimming Lessons

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I've been absent for a while, things have been crazy around here. Mom's busy working lots of hours, something about tax season....which means my secretary has been too busy for dictation. Without further adieu, I know you have been patiently awaiting pictures of my swim lessons. Oh yeah and video of mom dunking me underwater, real nice, I'm just learning how to swim, and she has to dunk me on the first day. Tell me I'm not going to be scarred for life.

Me, Mom and Dad in the pool

Kicking my feet and splashing

Hanging out with my friend MacKenzie

Riding a mini surfboard

Eating my mini surfboard

Chasing down a rubber ducky

Out of the pool and ready for a nap