Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

Ok, so technically I'm not playing with my bath toys yet, and I have yet to see a rubber just sounded like a fitting title. I have officially outgrown the newborn sling on my tub, and I am now free to kick and splash totally submerged and I LOVE IT!!! Mommy and Daddy thought I was so cute, they took a video, which I will attempt to display. Warning: The video is rated mature for sexual content (there was just no way to avoid the weiner!) It is also way too long, my parents really get excited about the little things!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cass Took Us to the Dog Park

I had my first experience at the dog park. Mommy and Daddy said Cass needed to get out on her turf, so she doesn't feel like second fiddle. We try to include her in the feedings, diaper changes and strolling, but she only gets excited about the strolling. Whatever we need to do to keep Cass happy...I secretly know that I'm the star of this show!

I also broke in the brand new all terrain stroller. Thank God nobody was in the parking lot when we got there! I love my parents, and I know this is all new to them, but you should have seen them trying to get the stroller set up and ready to go. Then we had to go through it all over again when it was time to go home - again, nobody had to witness this fiasco!

Cass Leads the Way

Check Out My Sweet Ride

This is what I thought of the Dog Park

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