Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August 2009!

After my big birthday bash, this is how I spent the rest of August!

My First Shanty Days

Addy, Avery, and Auntie Teresa at the parade

I didn't really watch the parade, I was having more fun with the balloon!



Thanks Ladies for not letting that ball roll away!

Mmmm, ball!

A new friend, Charlie!

We were at Guth's for the parade, here's Jenny!

She showed me the flowers, I like flowers!

Mommy had to go to her class reunion, so I spent the night at Aunt Cindy and Uncle Don's. They have a pool and I loved it!!!!

Then Mommy picked me up and we went to the farm for breakfast with Grandpa and Marion. Hey, what's in this drawer?

Me giving Avery's baby Piper a kiss, aren't I sweet?

Me playing with the Barbie jeep...anyone need a ride?

Addy and Marion playing Barbies.

I love Auntie Teresa!

Full Belly = Tired Baby


Oh, I like that bell!

Avery and a calf having a staredown.

I'm not so sure Mommy, you touch it, lets see if it takes your finger off.

Ok, I'll try it now.

Whee, this is fun!

Addy picked "flowers" for everyone.

Avery was tired of the pictures!

Addy with her hair blowing in the wind, what a little model!

Getting a good look at Freddie.

Mommy and I were hanging out one day as I was learning to walk. Here's me and my Tonka truck!

We finished up our day at the park!
Summer is starting to wind down, and we're already not quite as busy, but I'll keep the pictures coming!

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