Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How did this happen? I am no longer a BABY, but a little MAN!!!

Hi Everybody!

Here are some up to date pictures of me and I'll be posting my one year photos right after I'm done typing this up!

I ♥ the Phone, but I have a little bit of a problem with hanging up on people!

Kicking back reading a book

My first experience with pumpkins, that's me with my cousin Nicole and her friend Sarah.

What are these giant orange things?

Oooooh, pretty flowers

Knock, knock, can I come in?

Not so sure about this scratchy, pokey stuff.

How can I get to those pumpkins up there?

Hmmm, maybe they won't notice if I just pull of one little bud!

Mommy, I have flowers for you!

Yeah, more pretty flowers!

Look what sprouted up in this little pot!

I'm not scared of you mean kitty!

Who are you calling a turkey, turkey!

Nicole, I like your hat!

Mommy, I think these sparkly pumpkin lights should come home with us!

Ha ha real funny, green bean stuck on my nose, and you HAVE to whip out the camera.

Hello, yes this is Captain Adorable speaking.

Using Cass's bed as my office!

Hope you're all having a great fall so far. Next weekend it's off to Door County, hopefully a pumpkin patch and a hayride are on the agenda!

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