Friday, August 13, 2010

My Life after the Babies Arrived

Believe it or not we're keeping pretty busy even though our lives have become completely chaotic with the arrival of the two new little people!

Mommy and I went to play in the fountain, I mostly watched other kids from the sidelines!

Anna's First Bath, not so happy about it, until she pooped all over the tub!

Ahhh, much better all wrapped up

Jacob's First Bath

Anna finds her fingers

All snuggled up

The Men of the House

Auntie Brenda Visits

I "help" with bath night

I like to operate the heavy equipment...and check out my new Chuck Taylors!

Day at the zoo, checking out the dinosaur exhibit

Mommy, that one scares me a little, yikes!

Daddy pushing us in our Mercedes Benz of strollers. We drew more attention than some of the animals!

Tuckered out!

Devouring Grandma's oreo torte, yummy!

Chillaxin on the couch, texting my peeps

Holding hands, awww

Me showing Anna all of her new toys

I thought the dinosaur might make her feel better

I like to wear my rain boots inside, outside, wet, dry, anytime really!

I declared "help pump", ripped my shirt off, and grabbed the equipment. Why isn't anything coming out?

Jacob obviously needed sunglasses to sit in the bouncy seat

Wearing underwear over my diaper AND pjs

Finally, here are a bunch of videos that have captured me talking, being silly, and my birthday!

Me talking about the zoo

Me and Mommy reading bedtime stories to Cass

Daddy eating my food

Me Mowing Lawn with Daddy

Mommy and Daddy sing Happy Birthday

My Friends Help Me Celebrate

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