Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eating Solids and Loving It!

Where do I begin - so much has been happening. I started eating solid foods, so far I've had rice cereal and avocado and I love both! Next week's addition - BANANAS:) Mommy also experimented with sippy cups and finally found one that I can get some water out of, now that is fun! My two bottom teeth have popped through, not so fun. Along with the teeth came some serious diaper rash, and my daytime napping has been short and not so sweet. (We are hoping the short napping is due to teething, and not the start of a bad habit!) We think crawling is right around the corner - I have started "moving" around on the floor during tummy time. I also do this thing where I move my butt up and down and flail my arms and legs - Mommy and Daddy call it my humping move. Seems I've taken a page out of Cass's book, for those of you who don't know, my dog is infamous for grabbing her pillow and humping the couch. Isn't that horrible of my parents to label my cute little innocent baby moves with such a disgusting name? Next up for the blog - Swim Lessons - we start February 7th!!!

Enjoy my cute pictures!

Finally asleep after Mom and Dad refused to turn me over on my belly after the tenth time!

Mommy can't get the spoon there fast enough


I actually did get some in my mouth....

I adore my friend Morgan

I sometimes hold my own bottle

Accidentally rolling over and bringing my puppy with me

Falling asleep on Daddy

Airing out that nasty diaper rash, I think it bothered Mommy more than it bothered me!

Avocadoes! Note the snout in lower right corner, didn't take Cass long!

Recap: Eat food, put fingers in mouth, let Cass lick fingers, put fingers back in mouth...Ewwww!

I'm getting to be a pro in the exersaucer, check it out!

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