Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Old and Some New

After we got back from our trip to Puerto Rico, my Great Aunt Cindy came to swipe me for a few days! I stayed at Grandpa Halstead's for a night, and then I went back and "helped" Aunt Cindy outside.

Chasing the Ball

Supervising Gardening

More Supervising

You want some of this?

Driving Uncle Don's boat


On Easter Sunday, we went to Manitowoc by my Auntie Kathy's house.

Auntie Barb helping me hunt for Easter eggs

Found One!

....and another!

Family photo that I wanted no part of....must find more eggs!

The Easter Bunny brought me gardening tools and sand toys, wahoo!

The adult hunt, they got lottery tickets in their eggs!

Laying out the loot.
Any more eggs in there?

A day at the office with Mommy, accounting is hard on the eyes!

Play date at the park with Diego! Snack time!

I love to swing!

Driving the "car"

Are you crazy, you want me to slide down all by myself?

Wobbly bridge!

Home to help Daddy rake

I'll help you pick up leaves, Daddy!

Here are some old photos Mommy discovered on the other camera. We never got around to posting them!

My birthday bench from Auntie Barb and Uncle Jim. Wow, was I a little fatty!

Playing on the grass and in the pool at Diego's house, what a mess!

Bike ride to Lakeshore State Park.

Hard at work again in Mommy's office

At least I get to break for lunch!
My Christmas present from Aunt Cindy and Uncle Don. They made it themselves:)

A winter trip to the zoo, me and a baby gorilla.

I am really talking a lot now, most of the time Mommy and Daddy understand me, but sometimes they look at me like I'm from outer space...then I get frustrated. Other than that, we've been playing outside a lot. Bubbles are my new favorite thing, and pushing my lawnmower, and riding in my little car. As usual we have pictures waiting for editing, so we will get to those soon!

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