Monday, June 7, 2010

My Most Recent Shenanigans!

We've had some great spring weather, and I have been taking full advantage of it, playing outside as much as I can!

Riding in My New Car

Mommy and Daddy never know what to expect when I disappear into my bedroom - this time hat, scarf and pjs, none of which match!

Ladies, please don't fight over me!

My friends came over to hang out!

A Day at the Park with Mommy and Daddy

I ♥ Bubbles

Some crazy new silly look I invented one day

Sometimes Mommy and I go get doughnuts after church on Sunday and surprise Daddy. I love chocolate frosted chocolate doughnuts!

Apparently, so does my belly!

Mommy ditched me to go to Sophia's dance recital.

A Day at the Zoo with Auntie Cynde, Brennan and Brady

This is Mahal, the baby orangutan...he is my favorite!

This is how we roll....

Pretty Peacock. Last time Mommy, Daddy and I went they were doing some crazy feather shaking mating ritual.

Big boys pulling the wagon!

Excuse me, may I pet your dog?

Brennan took me in to feed the goats.

The Train...also one of my faves!

My new apron from Natasha

Helping Grandma weed our flower beds

Helping Daddy put together the crib for the newbies!

Chillin with Daddy, having my "nack"

Wild and crazy curly hair, just before the summer cut!

We're taking it easy this summer, getting ready for the babies to come! I have escalated from acknowledging their existence in Mommy's belly to a full on shaking of the belly and shouting "Wake, wake". Little do I know how my life is really going to change once they actually do "Wake".

Hugs and Kisses,

Love Me:)

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