Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kicking off the Summer

Hi Everybody, Happy Summer!

Mommy is loving the cooler, rainy June we've been having, but it's really put a damper on my outdoor play:( I've still been up to no good, see for yourself!

Attempting to Potty Train - I like to be totally naked, well with the exception of the hat!

Mommy and Uncle Matt being silly comparing bellies

I was helping Mommy make pancakes and burned my hand on the griddle, it was a cryfest for a good hour and a half. They tried to distract me by taking me to the worked.

Daddy, not now, I'm trying to watch the airplanes

Oooohhh, look at that one!

Can you still see me Mommy?

Watching the planes

Don't know this guy, but I did make quite a few friends that day. I can talk to anyone....just like my dad.

New camp chair, Auntie Barb scored!

Happy Father's Day!

Me giving Daddy his presents

Admiring my artwork in Daddy's card

I know, I know, I rock, I love you too

Elena, the new love of my life!

Diego, my best friend!

We sent the dads golfing and we went to the park!

Dude, break is over, come play with me!

Seriously, check out the hot chicks over there!

Daddy teaching me how to hit the ball

My attempt at a goodbye hug, I was much too tired to remove my finger from my mouth for a proper hug!

Go Diego go, this is fun!

This video was my gift to Daddy for Father's Day, he cried like a baby. Hopefully it works, we had a lot of trouble trying to upload it! it's been tested, and it does work, but the quality was compromised because we had to condense the size. You'll see what I mean when you hear the garbled music, sorry!

Well, I'm off to Iowa this weekend to see my cousins Addy and Avery, and meet Alex for the first time. I am so excited, and so are Mommy and Daddy...something about sleeping in!

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