Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well This Has Been A Long Time Coming!

My original title of this post was "Thanksgiving Already"; yikes, I've been slacking! We're going to have to do a couple of small posts to get all caught up. Do I still have followers out there? Leave a comment so I know I am not wasting my precious time....I have big wheels to ride and parks to go to:)

A new sport I developed - Nude Sword Fighting

Nude Raingear

Anna when she wasn't really moving yet, but that has changed my friends!

Meeting Diego's baby brother Adrien.

My Halloween Costume

The New Zoo with Grandma Mueller

I found a new hiding spot

Anna and Jacob - 3 months

Boo at the Zoo!

My First Shiner

Who's that baby in the mirror?

Nude Pumpkin Carving

Trick Or Treat

Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, Thing 2

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