Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still Catching Up!

Ok, so I didn't get as far as I would have liked yesterday. Here is another attempt to catch everyone up to the end of my 2010.

Our Christmas card photo this year, this was a challenge!

This is what Jacob looked like most of his little baby days, but he's happier now!

The finished product of my first annual cookie decorating party

Diego, my fellow decorator

Another decorator, my friend Morgan

I liked to sample each of my products

Cranky babies, tired Mommy

Judging from her sweet do, this was a good nap!

I was so happy to wake up and find a stocking full of goodies!

The Advent calendar was a big hit too, it's almost Easter and I'm still asking where it is!

He doesn't really like this toy?

The Boys

Why do I have to lay down in the snow? Oh right, it will be a really cute picture!

The first big snow storm

I like to wear Mommy's shoes, so of course I had to try the boots!

I'm ready to go mom!

Getting ready to decorate the Christmas tree

I had to supervise the first cereal feeding

Picking out the perfect tree!

Mommy, Jenny and all of the babies!

4 Sets of Twins + Me - Henry, Sophia, Jacob, Anna, Samuel Isabella, James and Grace

Lecturing Daddy about Organic Chemistry

Jacob and Anna - 4 months

Jacob joins us for breakfast

I love my brother!

I like to hold their hands and lay with them.

This is what Mommy walked in on after work one day....rough day for Auntie Barb!

Cute little conehead sweaters from Grandma Great!

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