Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day, Memorial May!

This month was a month of firsts for me, oh wait, that's my whole little life! I started eating non-pureed food (mostly feeding myself), went to the zoo, went for a bike ride, attended my very first parade, got my first haircut, took my first trip to Chicago, and started cruising along furniture....whew, that's a lot of activity in 31 days!

Smiley Baby

Ready to Ride, Safety First!

Let's Roll Daddy

Playing with my friend Diego

The Santiago and Tomczuk men at play

Swinging with Silly Sophia

Laughing at Auntie Brenda

Sophia playing at the park

Awww, Sophia loves me

Playing with my elephant, monkey, and hippo

Ready for a family walk

Early morning snooze with Daddy and Cass

Helping Daddy vacuum

Reaching for magazines, remote controls and anything else I'm not supposed to have

Eating yogurt, carrots, cheese, mmmm, I love cheese!

Diego and I making music in Chicago - we went to visit our friends Ed and Penelope!

My first trip to the zoo, why do they keep asking me if I see the elephant?

Ha ha, funny Isaac:)

Feeding the goats

I was thrilled for my first was my nap time.

Watching the horses with Grandma Great

I think I was fascinated by a camel and a llama

Hanging out with Grandpa Great

Isabella really liked me and I liked her too!

My first haircut, why do they always want to torture me when I'm sleepy?

Ummmm, Auntie Brenda, what are you doing?

Snuggling with grandma after my haircut

Me and my stylist

Hanging out with Henry and Sophia

Henry, what's in the bucket?

Checking out the table Mommy dusted off from Grandma and Grandpa's house, it was hers and Uncle Brock's when they were little

Mr. Crazy Pants

Happy Baby

Me and Daddy

Making Silly Faces

This is what I look like when I babble

That's all for now, but I'll be back!

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