Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Camping 2009, the Event of the Summer!

Every year, we go on an annual family camping trip...and since I just turned one the day we left, this was my first trip with the family. I had so much fun, and I slept really good in the tent....even through thunderstorms every single night.

I have a really fun video of Sophia dancing and singing "Funky Town", but it was too dark so you can't even see her. Instead, I'll share a video of me playing around and eating, it's super cute:)

Snuggling up to Cass the morning we left, I missed her:(

We went camping on my actual birthday, so Mommy made some cupcakes for me and my cousins!

Why do they always have to take pictures of me eating?

Ok, I will indulge you!

Sydney at the campgrounds

Brady, Henry, and Sophia ready for a campfire

Me and Auntie Michelle

The Birthday Boy and Daddy!

Oooh, give me those cupcakes, I see fire!

Yum yum yummy in my tummy!

Can I get some milk please?

I love sweets!

Sophia had a red cupcake

Ready for bed

Mommy, stop tickling me, I'm trying to wind down.

Henry REALLY likes his bike helmet...ummm dude, you only need to wear it when you're actually on the bike!

Sophia swimming with her "snorkel".

Me and my Bam Bam bat

Sophia playing with me

Getting warmed up.....

I totally rule this game

Oh, hi Mommy!

What's that, we need 2 points? No problem.

I'm tired, Grandma.

Me and Grandpa

Swinging at the playground
More swinging with all my cousins

Thanks for pushing me Brennan!

What's this fun new toy Auntie Cynde?

Who says I'm too little to ride bike?

Uncle Matt and the Twinkies!!

Sophia, what are you doing?

Nice smile Syd!

Oops, I was supposed to be napping, but I was peeking out the back window of the tent!

Playing with my cousins

Finally, a nice day to go swimming

Waiting to go in the water with Mommy

I'll get in, don't worry


I was trying to splash, but they always have to take so many pictures.

Walking in the water, I couldn't get enough!

Cousins playing on the beach

Cousins swinging on the tire swing

I love to swing!

Playing peekaboo

Whoa Auntie Cynde, we're up really high!

Mommy pushing Henry!

Hello Lauren!

Next up, Shanty Days....and a really big surprise!!!

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