Sunday, August 2, 2009

I told you July was going to be a busy month!

Mommy and Daddy have me running like crazy! We had a super busy July, and August is starting out to be the same. I hate to say it, but I'll be glad to have a break from all this craziness, whew!

Well, I'm not walking yet...I know you were wondering, that's always the way our conversations start these days. It usually goes like this: Friend, relative etc. "So, is Isaac walking yet?" Mommy, Daddy: "No, not yet, but he's cruising around pretty good." I am getting brave, if I do say so myself. I've taken four steps in a row, but it's still faster to crawl, so why would I want to walk?

This is how I spent my July!

Fourth of July Weekend up North

C'mon Grandma, let's pull out these dead plants

Ha ha Mommy, Grandma let's me play with her flowers!

Uncle Chuck, let me show you how this remote works.

The fire trucks disturbed my pre-parade nap. That's me with Auntie Cynde and Brady!

Hey Sophia, pay attention to me, not the parade please!

Me and Mommy

Little Firecracker:)


Me and Auntie Brenda

Sophia reading me a story

Brunch at Alexander's - I heart food!

Me and Grandpa Halstead

Back to Milwaukee for Colin's Birthday Party on July 5th

Finley trying to grab my hat

Dat? My new favorite word, I need to know what everything is!

Cookout with the Tomczuk's - Auntie Kathy, Uncle Tom, Auntie Barb (ummmm guys, what did you do with Auntie Barb?), Uncle Fran and Daddy

Going to the waterpark (aka Bayshore Fountain) with Diego

Diego, what are you doing?

Oooh, this is fun!

Frozen yogurt, yummy, OMG brainfreeze!!!

Isaac, I will show you how this ride works!

Hello little monkey!

Our friends Dana and Diego

Trip to the Zoo with Dom and Diego

Mommy roaring like a bear


Dat, dat, dat?

This is fun!

I missed the Great Circus Parade, but we did make it to the circus grounds

You just wait, I am going to tell my grandpa about you and all of your friends!

There were big beautiful wagons.

Hey, what are you doing down there?

Our Family

Trip to Rochester to see Mommy's friend Andrea, and meet my new friends Eli and Evie!

Eli putting me in a choke-hold. Is this some sort of hazing ritual?

Evie and I mesmerized by bubbles!

Me looking adorable as usual!

Lounging in the pool, what a life!

Dat, "Grandpa Don"?

What a lucky lady, holding two cutie patooties! That's Andrea's nephew Noah, he's two weeks younger than me...and yes he can walk.

First Camping Trip with the Santiagos!

My good friend Diego! (Yes I have two friends named Diego!)

Covering important camp info with my newly adopted abuelo - that would be Spanish for grandpa for those of you who are not as smart as me.

Daddy's milk!

Jump in Isaac, I'll take you for a ride!

Me and Daddy

Friends who drink together....out of each other's cups...this friendship will last forever!

Me: "Dat?" Mommy: "Tree"

I love you Diego! Pinching your face is a sign of affection.

Hang on Mommy, I'm coming.

Diego's daddy's silly antics trying to make him laugh for a picture. Don't you guys know that you look ridiculous? Oh yeah and check out the socks with the flip flops, ha!

Rambo, oops I mean Daddy

Enjoying the morning campfire, eating cheerios

Mmmmm, bananas, my fave!

I have destroyed one remote with my drool, let me start working on this one, and look cute doing it.

Mommy wasn't supposed to publicize this, but it is pretty funny. Now this is what I call potty training!

Me on my sweet new horse, it makes galloping noises and neighs.

Having a grand old time splashing in the tub

My new thing, drinking tub water.....

....aahhhh, good stuff, pee and all!
Four more days til my birthday, the one day each year when it's all about me me me:) I just had my party yesterday, so check back soon. I'll harass my photo editor to get some pics up here fast! Then on the agenda: the annual family camping trip and my very first Shanty Days, woohoo!

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